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Democratising political entry 

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Who we are?

Prajatantra Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation committed to fostering a system where every individual, regardless of their socio-economic background, is empowered to engage in the electoral process.


Our mission is to democratise political entry and unlock equitable opportunities for all aspiring leaders, thereby heralding a new era of inclusive governance and democratic participation.

Existing Problems


Lack of Research about Political Entry


Lack of Fundraising Ecosystem


Lack of Public Awareness and debate about Issues with Political Entry


Lack of Mentorship Ecosystem


Dominance of Criminals and                            Dynast


High Risk of Loss of Money, Reputation or even Life

Breaking barriers: High gatekeeping for political entry prevents ‘governance centric’ individuals from even contesting for election.

Improving governance: When leaders come from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, they get better equipped to understand and address the needs of their constituents.​

Restoring faith in democracy: By empowering citizens to run for office, we can rebuild the trust in a system that has become increasingly disillusioning for many.

Why is this movement critical?

Our 3E Approach

Without background Encourage.png

Celebrating successful stories of self-made politicians and inspiring the new generation of the leaders

learning (3).png

About electoral processes & methods of political entry and designing a playbook to assist self made politicians

empower without background.png

Aspiring aspirants by providing them tools, team & mentorship and developing an funding ecosystem


Our Projects

Rajpath Podcast

Dive into the stories of self-made politicians who have defied odds and forged their own paths to success. Join us as we explore the journeys of grassroots leaders inspiring you to carve your own legacy in the realm of politics.



Research Reports

Prajatantra foundation has spearheaded groundbreaking research to delve into the intricacies of political entry and identify entry barriers hindering aspirants.


Support Tools

Access our suite of support tools for strategic positioning, seamless execution, and expert guidance in navigating the complexities of the political landscape with confidence.

Our Team


Lok Sabha,2024

"Prajatantra supported me in the pre-ticketing stage and also built frugal campaigns, which were instrumental in my success. They are working for a noble cause. All the best to the team for their future endeavors."-Shivaji Kalge, (MP,Latur)

Media Coverage


Our Team

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