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Prajatantra's Pioneering study on Political Entry


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 Political Entry: State of Sector Report,2024

This study is an in-depth analysis of recent elections in Punjab, Telangana, and Chhattisgarh, offering a pioneering examination of who, how, and when elected representatives enter politics. By focusing on their educational backgrounds, career transitions, and pathways, this research provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by first-time candidates. The study aims to illuminate the processes that facilitate political participation and representation, enhancing our understanding of India's electoral dynamics.. 

Political Entry: State of Sector Report, 2024


Political Entry: Analysis of Lok Sabha 2024 tickets of BJP and INC

This study is an in-depth analysis of ticket distribution by BJP and INC for the 18th Lok Sabha elections. The aim is to understand the ticket distribution of the two biggest national political parties and the types of candidates who receive tickets, as well as the paths they choose to enter national-level politics.

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