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Key Findings

The Political Entry: Analysis of Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab" by Prajatantra Foundation delves into the gatekeeping mechanisms in Indian politics, focusing on the dominance of privileged backgrounds in political entry. This comprehensive study analyzes data from 326 elected representatives to uncover the systemic barriers to political participation.

  1. 91.7% of elected representatives are gatekeepers, with wealth being a major barrier to entry.

  2. Top three methods of entry are local politics (29.4%), party organizational politics (26.4%), and family legacy (20.6%).

  3. The shortest route to political entry is student politics, with an average age of entry at 36.5 years, but 80% of this path is gatekept.

  4. Dynasts enjoy a four-year advantage in entering politics compared to non-dynasts

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